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Like our namesake, the Roman God of Fresh Water, Streams and the Sea, Neptune Water aims to keep your water safe for household use. In an effort to provide you with clean drinking water, we can deliver bottled water in various sized containers, water cooler systems, different types of water, and more! Choose from our residential and commercial delivery options to ensure you get your water when you need it.

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Reverse osmosis water systems have many benefits

Neptune Water Services Ltd. based in Caledonia, Ontario provides customers with bottled water and systems designed to clean and soften well water. One of the premier systems sold by Neptune Water Services is reverse osmosis technology. Nothing removes impurities from well water quite like a reverse osmosis system. People living on well water who want

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Chlorine in tap water: health risks and alternative solutions

Neptune Water — a clean water provider in Caledonia, Ontario — discusses the health risks concerning chlorine in tap water and alternative solutions to provide your home and business with purified, healthy drinking water. The Canadian Cancer Society asserts caution regarding the use of chlorine in drinking water. Chlorine is a chemical that’s added to

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Caledonia company a crystal clear choice for quality drinking water

Neptune Water in Caledonia, Ont. delivers the convenience of cost-effective bottled water straight to your doorstep, providing you with purely the best drinking water that’s also good for your health. As a family-owned business, Neptune Water believes that even the smallest traces of pollutants are unacceptable in your drinking water. Our products not only quench

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Water filters are a great addition to your home drinking supply

Chlorine, lead, and mercury — these are just a few of the contaminants that may live in your municipal drinking water that Neptune Water in Caledonia can help you remove safely and effectively. A reverse osmosis system from Neptune Water can literally remove almost all contaminants from the water, leaving you with a clean, fresh

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Reverse osmosis water is the clear choice over bottled spring water

Caledonia’s Neptune Water explains that the clearest looking water isn’t necessarily the cleanest. Many bottled water companies tout the benefits of drinking their product that they claim has been drawn from a natural spring. While drinking directly from a spring is generally healthy, contaminants from the plastic bottle itself can end up in the water.

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