"Protector of the Water"

Neptune Water in Caledonia, Ontario

The Water Purification Experts

Like our namesake, the Roman God of Fresh Water, Streams and the Sea, Neptune Water aims to keep your water safe for household use. In an effort to provide you with clean drinking water, we can deliver bottled water in various sized containers, water cooler systems, different types of water, and more! Choose from our residential and commercial delivery options to ensure you get your water when you need it.

Serving Areas in the Haldimand & Norfolk County, Brantford & Brant County, Hamilton, and Toronto areas.

A Lesson On Water

Over time, many chemicals have been added to our water supply, which in turn affects the food we eat, the air we breathe, and most importantly, the water we drink. Food production and air quality, for the most part, are out of our realm of control, however, we can control how clean and pure our drinking water is. Water is crucial to our survival. A huge portion of our bodies are made of water, which is why we must eat and drink things containing water – to replenish.

Neptune Water in Caledonia, Ontario


of water from your home, pool or spa!

We test levels of:  Chlorine and Bromine in spas and pools
  We test for:  Ph Levels • Alkalinity • Hardness

Water that “looks clear” does not mean it is safe to swim in! Be sure to take a water sample over to Neptune Water so they can test your water, provide a print out of suggestions on how to improve bather comfort, and ensure the water is safe to swim in – all for FREE!

Neptune Water carries a full line of pool, spa and water products at very affordable prices that will keep your pool in pristine condition and your mind at ease.

3 Steps Towards Pure, Clean Drinking Water

Whether using the Reverse Osmosis method, or Distillation, there are three main steps to decontaminating water.

1. Filter out visible solids in the water
2. Using Reverse Osmosis or Distillation, the dissolved contaminates are removed
3. Ultraviolet light to kill bacteria

Neptune Water in Caledonia, Ontario

About the Reverse Osmosis Method

Over 40 years ago the Reverse Osmosis Method was initially developed to take the salt out of sea water. It was later discovered that this method could decontaminate water of any sort. By the 1970s people were having Reverse Osmosis systems installed in their homes.

Neptune Water in Caledonia, Ontario

Meet The Sonnenberg Family

The Sonnenbergs started Neptune Water out of their belief that even small amounts of pollutants and contaminates in our water isn’t acceptable for consumption. Reverse Osmosis or Distilled water is available at Neptune Water in various sizes.