of water from your home, pool or spa!

We test levels of:  Chlorine and Bromine in spas and pools
  We test for:  Ph Levels • Alkalinity • Hardness

Water that “looks clear” does not mean it is safe to swim in! Be sure to take a water sample over to Neptune Water so they can test your water, provide a print out of suggestions on how to improve bather comfort, and ensure the water is safe to swim in – all for FREE!

Neptune Water carries a full line of pool, spa and water products at very affordable prices that will keep your pool in pristine condition and your mind at ease.

You Deserve Clean Water

Delivery and Other Services

Neptune Water in Caledonia, Ontario
  • One convenient sales location
  • Water delivery
  • Salt delivery
  • Water cooler rental
  • Water cooler cleaning
  • Water testing
  • Service contracts
  • FREE pool/spa water testing
Neptune Water in Caledonia, Ontario

Is Your Water Safe?

When you go to pour a glass of water or run a hot bath and the water is cloudy or coloured, you know something’s wrong. But many chemicals dissolve in your water and you can’t even tell because the liquid remains crystal clear.
Neptune Water in Caledonia, Ontario

Service Contracts

We offer service contracts on the following:

  • Filter changes
  • UV light replacement
  • Media replacement
  • System installations

Water Testing

Neptune Water can come to your home or workplace to test your water. We also offer this service for pools and spas.

How to Eliminate these Water Problems

  • Water Testing – If you bring a sample of your water into Neptune Water, we can test it for you for free. It only takes a couple of minutes.
  • Choose Your Solution – After we’ve identified your issue through testing, we can recommend the best water filtration system for your problem.

Here are some things to look for:

  • Taste and Odour – Pure drinking water should be tasteless and odourless. Chlorine, dissolved organic materials, and heavy metals can affect how water tastes and smells.
  • Colour – Iron and manganese can leach from your pipes and colour your drinking water. Water like this can stain, and leave a bad taste in your mouth.
  • Hardness – Water with high concentrations of magnesium and calcium cause hard water. Hard water can damage boilers and home appliances, and prevent soap from lathering and dissolving – leaving soap scum on your shower, sink, and clothing.
  • Turbidity – Suspended or floating particles in water makes it appear cloudy. The main concern with this isn’t the look of the water, but that the particles could carry pathogens.

Your pool water may be clear, but that does not mean it is safe!

There are factors that can change water chemistry, such as rain, sun, heat, bathers and even adding water to your pool. Test your water today!

Pool & Spa Testing

  • We use a Wet Lab for accurate results
  • We test for Chlorine/Bromine levels in pools and spas
  • We test for PH Levels
  • We test for alkalinity
  • We test for hardness